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Hand Rails Online®

Complete estimating software solution.


Gain a Competitive Edge

Hand Rails Online® makes producing estimates for glass railing and windscreen systems fast and efficient. With its user-friendly interface, Hand Rails Online® lets contractors select all necessary glass railing components, including base shoes, glass types, cap rails, and handrails, in order to provide an accurate project quote.


Increase Productivity, Accuracy, and Speed

Hand Rails Online® is an all-inclusive program that allows contractors to design and quote handrails, guardrails, glass balustrades, and windscreens faster than ever. This innovative, easy-to-use program expedites the bidding process, minimizes errors on estimates, and generates accurate quote packages in a matter of clicks, enabling users to quote more jobs in less time.

The software makes it easy to modify or edit a railing system, review fittings, and enter any special notes for a project. It will generate a detailed glass dimensions breakdown, a glass installation chart, a parts list, and 3D enhanced drawings.

The program allows contractors to enter railing layout dimensions for a particular job, then calculate material stock lengths and select all hardware required to complete the project. Hand Rails Online® was built to strengthen a glazing shop’s technical abilities, increase quoting speed, and eliminate the costs associated with hiring experienced estimators.

   •  Determines all materials required for the project and optimizes material yield
   •  Generates quotes and material orders in minutes
   •  Keeps a complete record of all jobs, preferred systems, and specific configurations
   •  Produces glass sizes and material fabrication details for the project
   •  Issues warnings based on limitations to ensure safe installations
   •  Generates professional bid packages for clients with company branding
   •  Compatible with most laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, including tablets
   •  24-hour access in the office or in the field

Key Benefits of Hand Rails Online®

Speed and Simplicity

The program’s intuitive interface does the heavy lifting so contractors can bid more jobs in less time. Team members without extensive experience can quickly become capable estimators.

Peace of Mind

By automating the design process, Hand Rails Online® minimizes costly errors on estimates. The program issues warnings when designs are flawed, and it accurately calculates glass sizes and hardware placement.

Absolute Convenience

Hand Rails Online® is a web-based program, providing 24-hour access seven days a week. It’s compatible with most desktop and mobile devices, allowing contractors to produce quotes in the office, shop, or field.

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