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With an ultra-slim 3/4” face trim, the CRL Metropolis Post Windscreen System produces expansive glass spans that deliver seamless transparency and contemporary elegance while meeting code requirements. Its purposeful, low-profile aesthetic lets the view take center stage while providing needed wind protection and safety. An 8-foot maximum system height offers the option to create a striking glass wall.

Metropolis meets the wind load requirements set forth in IBC 2018 and ASCE-7/16. 316 stainless steel construction adds stability and durability, which makes Metropolis well-suited for higher elevations.

Features & Benefits

Metropolis is available in several post heights, configurations, and finishes to provide versatility and make every installation unique. Applications include rooftops, terraces, swimming pools, outdoor dining areas, and other exteriors.

  • Ultra-narrow posts with 3/4" face trim
  • Provides expansive glass spans
  • 5” post depth enhances performance
  • Meets IBC 2018 wind load requirements
  • Maximum height including glass: 8 feet
  • 316 grade stainless-steel construction
  • Select from 5', 6', and 7' post heights