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Handrails Online Installation Instructions

Follow the procedure below for Windows operating systems.

  1. Manually uninstall Citrix Receiver and any version of screwdrivers (upgrade users only)

  2. Run the Citrix cleanup utility
    Click Here

  3. Download the Citrix Workspace app

    For Windows:

    For MAC:

    For iOS:
    Download Citrix Workspace app from Apple App Store

    For Android:
    Download Citrix Workspace app from the Google Play app store

  4. Install Citrix Workspace app and configure (see step 5)

  1. The last step of the installation is to configure the Citrix Workspace app.
    With Citrix Workspace open, add account URL  https://onlineapps.crlaurence.com

  2. Download and Install Screwdrivers https://www.tricerat.com/client-downloads
    Note: Make sure to install the 6.8.1 version of Screwdrivers on Legacy Windows option.

  3. Access the Handrails Online program by logging in through the C.R.Laurence website, or by opening the Workspace app.

  4. For new users, change your temporary password


Password guidelines 8-10 characters, letters & numbers, no control characters (examples: !.-#&$). Do not re-use old passwords.

For all other operating systems contact CRL ext. 7740. You must be an Administrator to install this software.