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Protective Gear

At CRL, we provide a comprehensive range of protective gear, including glass PPE and safety equipment, to safeguard glass professionals in all aspects of their work. Our protective gear covers every critical area, combining comfort with essential protection to meet the demands of any glazing project.

Our head and neck protection gear includes durable hard hats and accessories and respirator masks for necessary respiratory protection. Our range of safety goggles—including clear, tinted, and options that fit over glasses —ensures vital eye protection. For chest, back, and torso safety, we offer robust fall protection harnesses that ensure secure and comfortable work at heights. Our protective solutions extend to arms and hands with work knee pads designed to cushion against hard surfaces, arm sleeves for protection against cuts, wrist protectors, and gloves that maximize dexterity and protection.

Protection for legs and feet is no less critical, with options that include durable work pants and specialized boots to ensure every step is safe and stable. We also provide heavy-duty rain gear, including rain suits and boots, ensuring that adverse weather doesn't stop your work. Explore our entire collection of protective accessories for all your glazing protection needs.

Remember to browse our extensive range of architectural metals, glass hardware, and professional-grade glazing tools to find everything you need for your glazing projects in one place.