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Shower Door Hardware: From Hinge to Header

by CRL
November 02, 2021
by CRL

CRL Frameless Shower Door Hardware is designed to enhance the beauty and function of today’s residential and commercial shower enclosures. We make sure every component is meticulously engineered to provide premium aesthetics and lasting durability. A complete selection of hinges, knobs, pull handles, towel/grab bars, headers, u-channels and sliding door systems offers one-stop shop convenience. However, to avoid a hardware haze, we’ve compiled everything a glazier or contractor could need in our 2021 redesigned catalog.

SD21 Shower Door Hardware Catalog

The highlights:

Palermo Series Hinge

  • Palermo: Unlike any other hinge due to its precision lines. The fasteners are also concealed for streamlined aesthetics. You can adjust the closing position that is accessed when the door is hung. The hinges are also self-centering.

Scala Series Hinge

  • Scala: A fixed hinge body with a hidden axle to pivot the door. They act independently and can only swing outwards for space planning. Perfect for hospitality applications, they can be customized to fit any desired design.

Bristol Sliding Shower Door System

  • Bristol: A floating appearance with specially designed roller bearings. The sliding door system's use of minimal hardware and oval headers make it both practical and beautiful.

Explore CRL options to bring your shower designs to life.