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Elegant Simplicity Is the Latest Trend in Premium Shower Hardware

January 31, 2024

U.S. homeowners are adopting a bathroom design trend that has grown in popularity in Europe – visually simple, clean shower hardware. By hiding the mounting mechanisms that hold shower hinges and sliders in place, the overall look of the bathroom is decluttered and modernized.

This trend is driven by a design aesthetic that emphasizes the elegant statement of glass. Bathroom glass – from exterior windows, light fixtures, mirrors, and shower panels – is the star of the show. Today’s design sensibilities necessitate that bathroom hardware complement, not distract from, the glass featured in a bathroom.  

To help facilitate this sleek look, we invented a way to hide the mounting mechanisms of our shower hardware – specifically shower door sliders and hinges. By covering the mounting screws, the look of the hardware specifically and the shower enclosure in general is immediately elevated. The result may sound subtle, but its effect is significant, with the metal hinges or sliders creating a sophisticated, uninterrupted look that provides visual intrigue without overpowering the glass.

Ultra-Reliable Performance
High-end, European-inspired design must be mirrored by superior performance. The operation of our new sliders and hinges matches their exceptional aesthetics. Each premium shower slider line has been thoroughly tested to 20,000 cycles to ensure long-lasting, flawless operation. Our new glass shower door hinges were tested to 100,000 cycles, 5X the industry standard for performance testing. 

Our new premium shower hardware lines, all featuring hidden mounting mechanisms, include:

Shower door hinges


  • Compact design
  • Tight gaps to prevent water infiltration
  • Self-centers from 25 degrees
  • Supports doors up to 110 pounds with 2 hinges
  • 39" maximum door width


  • 180-degree free swinging action
  • Ideal for wheelchair accessibility
  • Allows saloon door configuration
  • Supports doors up to 110 pounds with 2 hinges


  • Ultra-compact design with rise and fall action
  • Use with no ledge for wheelchair accessibility
  • Flush mount inside for easy glass cleaning
  • Supports doors up to 99 pounds with just 2 hinges 

Shower door sliders

Brixen – double bypass slider

  • Rectangular-shaped twin header
  • Concealed screws on track and rollers
  • Ultra-slim door stoppers attached behind track
  • 2-way adjustable wall bracket for easier installs

Cavoli – single slider

  • Rectangular-shaped single header
  • Covers conceal set screws
  • Low-profile door stopper reduces visible hardware
  • 2-way adjustable wall bracket for easier installs

Colonia – single slider

  • Round-shaped single header
  • Adjustable L-shaped mounting block simplifies installation
  • Reduced fixed panel fitting and roller
  • Beauty caps conceal roller screws

Tofino – single slider

  • Oval-shaped single header
  • Design-coordinated component parts create streamlined look
  • All concealed screws
  • Narrow door stopper sits behind header

When designing premium bathrooms, consider ways to elevate the visual impact of glass. The trend toward simplification of shower door hardware is taking high-end bathroom projects to the next level of luxury.

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