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Blending of Spaces Showcases Hidden Beauty

by CRL
August 15, 2022
by CRL

The boundaries between spaces within the home are minimized and even completely eliminated in a "whole home" approach to interior design. This design approach accentuates visual access to interior spaces, uncovering and proudly displaying parts of the home that are frequently obscured by doors, curtains, and coverings.

This budding design trend emphasizes the removal of visual barriers and revealing of functional, often “hidden” structures – like storage areas, cupboard interiors, and even showers – in new and glamorous ways.  

The blended-space approach is uniquely useful in the bathroom. Small bathroom spaces can be visually enlarged through the removal of visual obstructions, like opaque shower curtains or doors. Large bathroom spaces can elevate their overall look and feel to grandiose scales through environmental blending.

CRL is contributing to this trend with its line of frameless shower doors, breaking down spatial barriers within the bathroom and showcasing the shower space itself. Meticulously engineered components, including handles and hinges, provide tasteful accents to glass enclosures that open up overall bathroom spaces.

When it comes to hardware designs within a blended bathroom design, CRL focuses on creating relationships within spaces. Our frameless shower door hardware is complementary to the materials, the surroundings, and the overall effect intended by the interior designer. In well-conceived designs, the blended is space is achieved through a less-is-more strategy. The hardware subtly bejewels the shower glass, which opens up the entire bathroom space, blending all aspects of the room together.

CRL’s diverse line of low-profile, metallic hardware is available in deep, rich colors. The hardware shapes range from elegant simplicity to ultra-modern, but the effect is the same – a frameless glass shower that blends into the bathroom environment, showcasing tasteful fixtures and accompanying hardware.

Learn about CRL’s premium line of frameless shower door hardware here.

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