Agreement in order to Access CRL-U.S. Aluminum Reports

    The Engineering Reports contained on the Engineering and Test Report webpage are based on International Building Code and California Building Code loads specific to the dates on the 1st page of the report. These generic system reports can be used as a tool by the Professional Engineer or Structural Engineer along with Project Specific Shop Drawings to provide a complete engineering package which typically consists of a Calculations Report based on local codes/project specifications and stamped Shop Drawings.

    Calculations in these reports must be verified by the PE/ SE providing the site specific calculations and stamped drawings. IBC Loads in these reports may differ from specifications or jurisdictional codes and need to be verified by the PE/SE of Record for the Project.

    The reports are generic system calculations and not meant to be used as site specific calculations. They have been prepared by a 3rd party Engineer in good faith and generated based on a specific point of time noted by the date on the top right front page of every report, running changes occurring in fabrication procedures or product after this date may not be incorporated into the reports.
    CRL-U.S. Aluminum does provide the service of Project Specific Shop Drawings, as well as Project Specific Calculations; if you would like more information regarding these services please feel free to contact the appropriate technical sales group at (800) 421-6144 x-17700.