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Easier Shower Design Estimating and Product Ordering with New Web-Based “Showers Online” Software

by CRL
January 23, 2023
by CRL

Software continues to streamline all aspects of our personal and professional lives, including the estimating and ordering of products for bathroom installs and remodels. A new shower design software innovation from CRL – Showers Online® –helps contractors more quickly, more accurately, and more easily complete the custom shower design and ordering process.

The biggest innovation is making Showers Online a completely web-based app. By being browser based, the power of Showers Online travels with our contractors right to the job site. With an internet connection and cell phone, tablet or laptop, contractors can access the CRL design library, specify products, estimate costs, and review job details with their clients, all on Showers Online. 

Manually calculating shower enclosure glass sizes, gaps, hardware locations, and tolerances can be a time-consuming task. Showers Online streamlines this laborious shower door design process. Simply input field measurements, and Showers Online will calculate final glass sizes, door hinge and handle locations, miters, and more.

When it comes to design inspiration, CRL is providing more options than ever before. The design library available via Showers Online has been expanded to more than 200 shower door configurations, providing the industry’s most expansive gallery of enclosure possibilities.

Once the design options are selected and all the calculations are complete, Showers Online lets contractors share the details with clients immediately. Quotes, materials lists, and cost estimates are ready in seconds.

Here are just a few of things that make Showers Online so usable and so unique:

  • The app is incredibly easy to use and learn, including the ability to enter and change the dimensions of shower door designs and cut-outs directly on drawings
  • Works will the most popular internet browsers – Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge
  • Drawings are in full color and 3-dimensional, rendered in real-time
  • Full support is provided for designing pivoting, sliding, and bi-folding shower doors
  • Ensures structural integrity of shower enclosures