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Available Finishes of C.R. Laurence TAPER-LOC® XA System Detail - Dry Glaze Glass Railing Systems
Something Good Just Got Better
  • TAPER-LOC®XA Lets You Compensate for Uneven Surfaces So Glass Panels Can Be Perfectly Plumb
  • Next Generation Taper Sets Install Easily Using Our TLK12 Installation/Removal Tool and New TLXAAT Angle Adjustment Tool
  • Taper Sets for Monolithic and Laminated Glass Work With Our Most Commonly Used Aluminum Base Shoe
  • Installation Instructions
When job site conditions aren’t perfect it’s good to know you can rely on a product that will help you achieve results that are. That’s what you get with TAPER-LOC®XA. 'A' stands for Adjustable and TAPER-LOC®XA is especially designed to allow vertical adjustment of the glass panels to perfect plumb, no matter how uneven the floor beneath the base shoe. Glass setting strips adhered to the lower edges of the panel rest on a setting base that allows you to adjust the glass panel to plumb, even if the base shoe segments do not align perfectly. Unlike the original TAPER-LOC® System, the 'XA' Taper Sets are placed on both sides of the glass panel. That gives you the flexibility to perfectly align and plumb the glass panels in every segment. The addition of our TLXAAT Angle Adjustment Tool even lets you make adjustments to panels that are already installed on balconies or elevated concourses without the need for scaffolding or inconveniently leaning over the railing. The new TAPER-LOC®XA is a good thing made better, and is another product from the innovative engineers at C.R. Laurence Manufacturing. 'XA' Taper Sets and tools are made in California, and available from all C.R. Laurence Service Centers worldwide. For more information, contact CRL Architectural Railing Technical Sales at (800) 421-6144 in the U.S., (877) 421-6144 from Canada, or (323) 588-1281 from outside the U.S. and Canada. To contact Architectural Railing Technical Sales online click here.

End view of glass panel with 'XA' Taper Sets installed in our B5S Aluminum Base Shoe for 1/2" (12mm) glass.
The glass has Setting Strips adhered to both lower edges, and rests on the Setting Base installed within the base shoe. Roll-in Top Gasket completes the installation after the Taper Sets have been tightened
to lock the panel in place.



Cat. No. TLK12