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Defender Series BW3250 Blast Resistant Curtain Wall Systems

Strength, versatility and economics make Series BW3250 blast resistant curtain wall an industry standard for low to mid-rise applications where blast protection is required. Based on our top-selling Series 3250 CW system, the Blast Wall offers the blast mitigation protection required by the Unified Facilities Criteria 4-010-01. Series BW3250 is thermally improved by a continuous thermal spacer interlocked with the horizontal and vertical pressure plates. Dual or two-tone colors can be achieved by specifying different finishes for the exterior face covers and interior mullions. Two piece horizontals and extruded shear blocks allow for a concealed horizontal to vertical joint.

• 2 1/2" Face dimension
• Designed for use with 1" laminated glass
• UFC 4-010-01 compliant
• Exterior glazed
• Thermally improved
• Silicone glazed
• No exposed fasteners
• Compatible with BR7500 Operable Windows
• Available in an array of architectural coatings and anodized finishes