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Catalog Number: UV349

  • Optically Clear UV Adhesive

  • Cures Within Seconds

  • Bonds and Seals Glass to Glass, or Glass to Metal Components

  • CRL Loctite U.V. Adhesive is a one-part medium viscosity adhesive with an ultraviolet cure system. Tough, durable bonds can be formed with excellent adhesion to glass, metal and some thermoplastics. Ideal for making all glass showcases, glass shelves, furniture, etc. The adhesive cures within seconds upon exposure to U.V. light from a curing lamp to form a transparent bond. This product is cured when exposed to U.V. radiation of 365nm. The speed of cure will depend on the U.V. intensity as measured at the product surface, as well as the coating depth. UV349 has an outstanding ability to cure through large gaps and to cure to a hard, dry surface that is water clear.

    CRL Loctite® Impruv™ Ultraviolet Adhesive - 1.69 Fl. Oz.


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    UV349 CRL Loctite® Impruv™ Ultraviolet Adhesive - 1.69 Fl. Oz.
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